We are pleased that you are looking at the possibilities to secure your products with our Seal King Security labels. Our broad gamma of labels give you various choices to make. Besides the product type, size and colour of your label we also give you the opportunity to think about customising your labels. This can be easily done by adding your name and company logo on the label or perhaps add an unique number or even a barcode. A barcode and numbering can give a lot of logistic benefits. This way your product will be traceable and the content of the parcel can be scanned. Your logo and company name can also be used as a marketing tool but most of all as an extra protection against counterfeiting. The printing of the labels is done by a thermal transfer ribbon printer. The labels cannot be printed by a standard laser or desktop printer. This makes the security labels also not easy to copy.

  • The MOQ for top printed labels is 5.000 pieces.
  • The labels can be top printed in black or white with logo, name, numbering, Barcode, Q8 code or a combination of these printing options.
  • Delivery time: 1 week

Besides a customised top print you can also customize the VOID message to your personal requirements. The standard VOID message of our labels is OPEN VOID but you can change this into your company name, a special mark or even your logo. This makes your security label ultra-tamper proof!

  • MOQ 3 jumbo rolls (720m2)
  • Deliver time: approx. 12 weeks
  • Additional stencil costs