Total transfer Tamper evident labels

Leaves an explicit VOID message on your packaging. Widely used for sealing documents, carton packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, paper packaging and many more.

Zero transfer Tamper evident labels

Leaves no residue on your product. Widely used for high energy surfaces such as cars, airplanes, trains, power houses and glass and windows.

Partial transfer Tamper evident labels

Leaves a semi tacky residue on your product and is reclosable. Widely used for corona treated PE bags, glossy papers, plastics and filmic packaging.

Which Security label or Tamper evident tape is the right one for me?

A transfer simply means what kind of residue our Security tape or Tamper evident label leaves behind on the product. So quite important in choosing the correct product. Most of our security tapes give a total transfer. All of our tamper evident labels come in three different types: Total Transfer, Zero Transfer or Partial Transfer. The different transfers are suitable for various types of applications. To help you with the right choice we have made a video of each type to clarify the characteristics. If you have any doubt on the right product, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Seal King Rub test

To emphasize this we have made a rub comparison test with a competitor.


The Seal King Ice spray test

To emphasize this we have made a Ice spray comparison test with a competitor.


New development!

Many customers asked us to develop a reliable security tape with a price that is better suited for some secure packaging. With certain major changes in the production process we have been able to develop an excellent tamper evident tape that can keep up with any competition in the market. Both on quality and on price. So we are very proud to present the SKN-72. For more information please contact us, we are happy to help!  Go to product page >>